Friday, July 24, 2009

♥ Graduation

So it has been forever and I have forgotten about the world of blogging. Here is a much needed over due blog update. Its a short one but hopefully soon I will have more to write. Yesterday was the big day. It was my college graduation. I at first didn't wanna walk but now I am glad I did. I loved having my family there and putting the cap and gown on made it real. Here are some pictures from after the graduation.
My family that was able to make it to the graduation and me in the middle.

Yes!!! I really did it!

My parents and I after the ceremonies.

My sister Megan and I.


clauss house said...

FINALLY! I mean updating the blog, not graduating;) man I do miss those pretty idaho sunsets, they're really pretty!

Kate Bailey said...

Congratulations, Marissa! College graduation is definitely something to be proud of!

April said...

Congratulations! So now what? Do you already have a job? Are you headed to RI or somewhere else?
I love the picture of your whole family doing the gangster pose. Especially your mom.
Good job I am really proud of you!