Friday, July 24, 2009

♥ Graduation

So it has been forever and I have forgotten about the world of blogging. Here is a much needed over due blog update. Its a short one but hopefully soon I will have more to write. Yesterday was the big day. It was my college graduation. I at first didn't wanna walk but now I am glad I did. I loved having my family there and putting the cap and gown on made it real. Here are some pictures from after the graduation.
My family that was able to make it to the graduation and me in the middle.

Yes!!! I really did it!

My parents and I after the ceremonies.

My sister Megan and I.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

2 am adventures in Rexburg Idaho

So after a long day of laying around and watching conference we all decided as an apartment to clean our bedrooms. Thats lasted somewhat of a good amount of time. My room actually ended in some what more of a disaster than it was to start out with. I decided to pull out all of my summer clothes and pack for my cruise that I am going on in a week!!!! I cannot wait until the cruise!! I decided to play dressup and make sure that everything fit quite well. Then I just layed around in the hallway playing with my computer talking to Anastasia whill she played with her makeup. That is just where the night began. While on facebook I noticed Natalie was online and invited her to come join our little sleepover in the living room that we were going to have. At that moment we decided to have a crazy night and enjoy each others company.
Here is a picture of the wonderful Anastasia with her fun makeup
Very typical face that she seems to make at me. I ♥ it

After picking up Natalie we decided it was pizza, ice cream, chips and movie time. We downed 2 boxes of pizza, half of this sherbert that you see and some chips. We went to redbox but there was no good movies so we made the decision to watch something we had at home. Once we got home Stephanie had already been watching One Tree Hill season 2 without me. I borrowed season 1 last week from my friend in one of my classes and once I had finished she lent me season 2. Now I am addicted and need to get the rest of the seasons. Oh great time to get addicted to One Tree Hill. LOL
Anastasia and Natalie eating sherbert and enjoying One Tree Hill

Natalie and I seeing how much we can fit in our mouths at once.

Stephanie and I smiling for the camera.

So after we were done with the sherbert and pizza Stephanie had the wonderful idea of getting drinks because we didnt remember to buy any earlier. This wonderful idea came up at about 1:30 in the morning. So we decided to go out to Maverik in style. At this point it was the only thing open in Rexburg because here everything becomes a ghost town at 10pm :)
Here is Steph and I getting ready to head out with
our sunglassesat night!

Stephanie and Me
Making prettier faces.

Stephanie doing the glance with the glasses.
Hollywood style


Hey there Natalie

Gotta love the fact that Natalie's eyes look like little slits!
She couldnt stop laughing and so I still had to take the picture

Kissy faces for the camera.
So when we were leaving the apartment at 1:30ish we found a tumble weed sitting right outside our door. It made me laugh so hard cuz when Kristen was here we had a discussion on how we used to think tumble weeds were just in movies and had never seen one before. So this picture if for Kristen!! I just had to take a picture with the wonderful tumble weed.

On our car ride I was gunna take some fun pictures. I forgot I had already zoomed in so here is a wonderful close up shot of Natalie and Stephanie.

There we go much better! :) A little bit further away

Ghetto Girl :)

Stephanie trying to take a picture but complaining that it was so dark that she didn't know if we were even in the frame. We were laughing so hard at her and she caught us in the middle of the laugh. I guess thats what happens when you wear your sunglasses at night. Makes it a little harder to see what is going on.
Our 2am Icees!!!

Waiting for Anastasia to pay and continue to have a conversation with the Maverik man....we found this sign over the door and found it quite amusing so we had to take a picture.

Steph and I looking Sassy!
We had to get a full group picture after our lovely adventure! Anastasia's lovely Maverik man took the picture for us..... gotta love late nights after curfew in Rexburg

My last offical weekend in Rexbug Idaho. Had to go out with a bang. Next week MEXICO!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Big Jud's....Talk about a lotta food

So after being in Idaho since 2004 I finally went to Big Jud's for the first time. Everyone has always talked about how big the burgers are. So my roommate texted me on Monday while I was at the library working on a project saying we were going to Big Judds. I decided to cave and finally go before the I finally left Idaho and was done with school. (only 4 days left of classes at BYU-Idaho!!!!) Here are some pictures we took while we had our little adventure.

Waiting for everyone else to meet us at Big Jud's so we took some pictures. Anastasia has a sad face because she doesnt have fur on her hood. (btw all three jackets or the two that the other DDT's are wearing are mine)

Anastasia, Stephanie, and Me (B1 is off to the side but of course you can't see her lol)Stephanie is cheesing it for the camera.Anastasia and the LOVE METERNo explaination neededNot sure if she is ready for this quite yet. (look at B1 in the corner)They really weren't kidding about hte size of the burgers. I was only able to down about 1/8 of the burger and was so full.Steph enjoying that massive burger :) Smiling getting ready to dig in!
Look how ready she is to eat this! (look at the girls in the corner checking her out!)
Eating my ice cream in front of the Big Juds sign
Me and Anastasia acting like our normal selves
I survived!!!

Steph survived too!

And this girl of course showed us all up!!!!

♥ DDT Love

Here is a combination of pictures from the semsters with my DDT's. That is what we call ourselves after a little drama that went down in our apartment. DDT stands for dirty dirty tramp. Its a little joke. Then we have two roommates that we do not really like as I mentioned before so when we talk about them we refer to them as B1 and B2. Then only the 4 of us know what we are talking about :O)! Sadly we don't have any pictures of DDT #2 but those are soon to come before the next 6 days are over and we are all moving out.
Here is my favorite DDT #1 Anastasia
Anastasia decided to take a picture of me working on my computer on the couch. Nothing too exciting just Facebooking and homework at the sametime of course :)

A late night with Ice cream and Redbox!!! PERFECT COMBINATION!!
Anastasia showing off the ice cream and movie

Me really enjoying the sherbert

Anastasia getting ready to dig in! She finished it all in one sitting!! I ♥ this girl.

DDT #3 aka Stephanie came to bring me dinner at work before the final basketball game I had to cover at work. We decided to take a few silly pictures while down in the training room which is were I spend most of my time.
DDT # 3 looking all sassy with Makeup on!!! She doesnt wear makeup that much be we love getting her to put it on.
Steph and I. Notice the Red Sox earings I am wearing.
Catching DDT#1 walking down the hall looking all cool!
DDT #3 trying to hide from the camera behind my Little Mermaid pillow. Didnt work too well I got her in the picture anyways.

This picture was taken upside down on accident so I decided to put the picture up like this. We were just acting silly.

After being up all day starting at 6 am then going to campus from 7am till about 12am I get home and Anastasia says we are going to a party. We decided to go to this party then go out for breakfast. About 4:30 in the morning we decided to take pictures on the way home. Here are some silly pictures we took.
Jon Me and Anastasia

Me and Anastasia trying to pretend we were all cool.

Anastasia looking wicked pretty and me being a goof.
Again Anastasia looking wicked cute and me goofing off. For some reason this day I was wicked hyper (who knows why)